All About Me Activity Cards in Action

I have used All About Me Family Counters for a few years. They are the go to, grab and go activity as all three of my children now play with them, in different ways.

All About Me Family Counters

Here you can see how we have played with them in the past: Fun with Family Counters.Fun with Family Counters

I did have a male ECE correct my stereotyping as I displayed them with the baby on the Mama’s hip and have successfully balanced the baby on the Papa’s hip also!

These counters are the perfect size for dramatic play/restaurant waiting/older sibling activity waiting, and of course for their original design: math concept teaching!

Here you can see the All About Me Family Counters in use with the NEW All About Me Activity Cards in my classroom.

All About Me Activity Cards in Action

The students are watching a demonstration of how to continue a sequence, such as the purple, blue, purple, blue, you can see in the bottom left of the photo. They are also reinforcing characteristic description such as “smaller”, “boy”, colours and patterning.

All About Me Action Cards

Here we have the wonderful sequence and a person riding a cat… why not?

All About Me Activity Cards

Adding: person and cat style! Our next step is to use the formal written number which some of these students are still learning (we were reinforcing the subtraction with finger counting here!).

All about me activity cards

Adding in action!

The structure of these cards allows for group work and discussion as we did here but also for independent and gradual skill building. They are an awesome addition to the math resource collection.

All About Me Activity Cards

Here is the low down on the All About Me Activity Cards:

Help children learn essential early math skills while learning about themselves and the world around them with 20 double-sided, write & wipe Activity Cards. Illustrations on these full-colour Activity Cards match the actual size of the All About Me Family Counters (202090) and are perfect for developing patterning, early addition and subtraction, and sorting skills. Includes over 40 activities and a guide. PreK+. Ages 5+.



Sort and Play Cups #giveaway

We had the opportunity to play with these Sort and Count Cups from Quality Classrooms.

Fred enjoyed putting the colured discs into the bowls, sorting and matching by colour.

File 2016-06-30, 5 49 29 AM

Rose went a step furhter and discussed how she was mixing the primary colours to make new colours:

Sort & Count Cups

She made a turtle, dramatically making it lose its shell.

Sort & Count Cups- turtle

Sequencing by colour and number was next.

Sort & Count Cups- sequencing

Putting two cups together with discs inside made great sounds and an entertaining showers of discs!

Sort & Count Cups- shower

Dramatic cheeks!

Sort and Count Cups- Cheeks

And of course a cup of tea with your pinky finger sticking out is a necessity.

Sort and Count Cups- Tea

Here is the low down on the Sort and Count Cups:

Sort & Count Cups

Children can learn to sort and count with this simple design that can be played in a variety of ways. Play instruction and cotton bag included. Ages 18 months+.

Sort and Counts Cups is a Plan Toy and as such is made from a combination of natural rubber wood and PlanWood™. PlanToys® are made from natural rubber wood trees that no longer produce latex. To keep the wood pure, no fertilizer is added to the soil three years prior to cut the trees down.

To strengthen the wood, PlanToys® uses a chemical-free kiln-drying process. PlanWood™ is another high quality, safe and sustainable material in our toy-making process. This material will be used in harmony with our solid rubberwood.

PlanToys® is assembled using a certified E-Zero formaldehyde free glue in place of traditional toxic wood glue. PlanToys® commits itself to find the best eco-friendly material. The organic color is not only good for children but also for our environment. PlanToys® does not use chemical dyes containing lead or any other heavy metals.

Recycled paper and Soy ink are used for our printed materials. Soy ink is more readily biodegradable and can be recycled more efficiently than standard chemical ink.

Feeling great about the sustainability of our children’s toys makes parents happy too!

Win a Sort and Count Cups!

Comment below sharing your favourite game or activity to promote sorting, matching or counting, then you will be entered to win. Winner will be randomly selected after 5:30 pm CST on Thursday July 7th, 2016. Must be a Canadian resident to win.

What is your favourite game or activity to promote sorting, matching or counting?




Mini Bilibo Play

As with the larger version the many uses of these mini Bilibo are only limited by your imagination. Here you can see the full size Bilibo in action and the mini version here! They are pretty cool videos.

Mini Bilibo Set

I was very excited to try them out and gave them to my children with a mission: find different ways to play with these! They happily accepted.

Mini Bilibo Set

Rose began organizing them.

Mini Bilibo

Then had them leap frog jumping over each other.


In the garden the flowers made potions with liquid water colour paints and…

Mini Bilibo

…grass and mud!

Mini Bilibo

Next the Mini Bilibo made their way to the sand box.


These versatile and colourful mini versions of the Bilibo are a great addition to any play space! Check them out here.

Fun with Family Counters

These All About Me Family Counters are one of the favourite things to play with at the moment.

Fun with Family Counters

I am not sure if it is the colour, the quality or the sheer amount of people that has the appeal but something works!

Fun with Family Counters

Daisy enjoyed organising them into parties. Here is a circle of friends.

She made patterns and asked Rose, “What comes next?”.

These counters are designed for making your family, patterning, sorting and counting but in our house everything is used for dramatic play.

Fun with Family Counters

With a little balancing, baby can sit on mama or papa’s hip.

Fun with Family Counters

Yet another of the girls parties. Rose likes to grab a few people, have conversations and move them about the house.

Yes they do end up everywhere.

Fun with Family Counters

They will be venturing outside to play in the garden soon. We will keep you posted as to what they get up to.

Sorting Fruit by Colour

All that gorgeous fruit from the Avalanche Fruit stand was just asking to be used in other ways. One of the ways we played with it was sorting by colour on the light table.

Sorting Fruit

The Invitation:

Sorting fruit

Daisy instantly decided on her method. She started picking out the blackberries nearest to her and putting them on the purple paper.

Sorting fruit

Rose watched Daisy for a few seconds and then got to work on her oranges, again choosing to work on one type of fruit at a time.

Sorting Fruit

Both flowers working away happily.

Sorting fruit

Rose’s hand was struggling to lift with the tweezers and she was about to drop the tweezers when I asked if her hand was tired.

A response of ‘yes’ stimulated a mini lesson from Daisy on how to use the tweezers. She explained patiently how to place her thumb on one side and two fingers on the other. Very cute.

You can still enter to win an Avalanche Fruit Stand, just click here.

Super Sorting Pie Fun

We have done quite a bit of sorting  but this pie was just too cute not to try. I was hoping it would extend her sorting capabilities and it did!

She loved the tweezers. I set up the pie shell with an activity card in the bottom and Daisy played and sorted the fruit into the correct sections. She started off using the tweezers with a fist grip and changed to the pincer grip without any interference from me..yeah!

This Super Sorting Pie comes with 3 double sided activity cards, 60 fruit counters, 2 Jumbo tweezers and an activity guide. Honestly, I ignored the guide until I sat down to write this post because it was so self explanatory.

Daisy loves playing with this pie while in her kitchen. We keep it out of Rose’s reach just because she is at that wonderful dumping stage. When she sees it out… it ends up on the floor. It has become one of those go to activities when Daisy wants some time by herself.

Here she is counting and organizing, the numbers 5-10 are on the other side of this activity card. The other activity cards include, sorting by colour and fruit and sorting by fruit. Daisy sorts by one type and them reorganizes and starts again using another system. The abundance of fruit allows her to sort out of the pie at the same time. You can see here she does not always choose to use the tweezers.

The activity guide suggests many different activities including:

  • Match Me- match a selected fruit and line up the pairs
  • Fruit Picking Fun- say the name of a fruit and colour, asking the children to pick out the fruit using tweezers
  • Fruit Patterns- make a pattern and ask the children to repeat it
  • What Comes Next?- make a pattern, say it out loud and ask the children to say “what comes next?”
  • One of these Things is Not Like the Others- pick three fruits that are alike and one that is different and ask the children to find the one that is different and explain why.
  • Count Your Colours- Say a number and a colour and ask the children to pick those fruits out of the pie and count them .

If you would like a great sorting game I would recommend this Super Sorting Pie. It is versatile and great value!

Any one for fruit pie?

Card and Gift Making

To combat Christmas business we have been finding quiet time to make cards and gifts. Daisy has been set up with blank cards, stamps, stickers, markers and asked to create cards for friends at daycare. This request has been met with an enthusiastic burst of creativity.

I was working on our family Christmas cards (yes they will be late!) while Daisy worked away beside me.

The 2 flowers in red, a photo on scrap booking paper on a blank card. Luckily I like things simple.

Her sense of pride for creating these cards is infectious. Rose joined in when she woke up from her nap and used bingo markers to decorate Christmas trees on her cards.

We enjoyed making tree ornaments from very simple materials. For friends Daisy made a kit containing beads, bells and a glitter stem put into a gift bag. I seem to have collected far too many! These we added to a candy cane and the card. Now her friends can make an ornament for their tree at home.

I enjoyed reading a post from Cheryl’s Child Care Blog today about giving children ownership of their decorating. While I loved stylized trees before I had kids, I now love seeing huge pom pom decorations, random pipe cleaners bent into strange shapes and coloured circles of card adorning our tree. Themes trees are over rated!

Here Daisy is counting and sorting and bagging. A little sneaky math thrown in.