Paper Circle Popz Christmas Activities

I like themes, I can’t help it. It is possibly either the teacher in me or the organized part of my brain but seeing a theme carried out through a project makes me happy!


Fred and his friend have been busy making Christmas crafts. A simple wreath with Paper Circle Popz  glued on looks great. Here we are discussing the need to NOT eat the glue stick.


Theo selects his circles and sticks. The selection was challenging and distracting. He preferred to play with and organise the circles! They are such beautiful colours.

Paper Circle Popz

We will continue the wreath tomorrow.


The finished product ready to hang on the wall.  (Fred had help!):


For cards, the boys had a limited colour palette.

Lines, circles and “Joy” stamps finished the cards.

Rose also completed cards for her classmates with this design. The lines and circles are perfect exercises to build fine motor skills to improve handwriting. She will finish by writing her name on the inside.


The boys will wrap their penguin footprint ornament and wreath up today, ready for Christmas.


I may add some Paper Circle Popz to the gift wrapping… yes I do like a theme!

Fun with Family Counters

These All About Me Family Counters are one of the favourite things to play with at the moment.

Fun with Family Counters

I am not sure if it is the colour, the quality or the sheer amount of people that has the appeal but something works!

Fun with Family Counters

Daisy enjoyed organising them into parties. Here is a circle of friends.

She made patterns and asked Rose, “What comes next?”.

These counters are designed for making your family, patterning, sorting and counting but in our house everything is used for dramatic play.

Fun with Family Counters

With a little balancing, baby can sit on mama or papa’s hip.

Fun with Family Counters

Yet another of the girls parties. Rose likes to grab a few people, have conversations and move them about the house.

Yes they do end up everywhere.

Fun with Family Counters

They will be venturing outside to play in the garden soon. We will keep you posted as to what they get up to.

Super Sorting Pie Fun

We have done quite a bit of sorting  but this pie was just too cute not to try. I was hoping it would extend her sorting capabilities and it did!

She loved the tweezers. I set up the pie shell with an activity card in the bottom and Daisy played and sorted the fruit into the correct sections. She started off using the tweezers with a fist grip and changed to the pincer grip without any interference from me..yeah!

This Super Sorting Pie comes with 3 double sided activity cards, 60 fruit counters, 2 Jumbo tweezers and an activity guide. Honestly, I ignored the guide until I sat down to write this post because it was so self explanatory.

Daisy loves playing with this pie while in her kitchen. We keep it out of Rose’s reach just because she is at that wonderful dumping stage. When she sees it out… it ends up on the floor. It has become one of those go to activities when Daisy wants some time by herself.

Here she is counting and organizing, the numbers 5-10 are on the other side of this activity card. The other activity cards include, sorting by colour and fruit and sorting by fruit. Daisy sorts by one type and them reorganizes and starts again using another system. The abundance of fruit allows her to sort out of the pie at the same time. You can see here she does not always choose to use the tweezers.

The activity guide suggests many different activities including:

  • Match Me- match a selected fruit and line up the pairs
  • Fruit Picking Fun- say the name of a fruit and colour, asking the children to pick out the fruit using tweezers
  • Fruit Patterns- make a pattern and ask the children to repeat it
  • What Comes Next?- make a pattern, say it out loud and ask the children to say “what comes next?”
  • One of these Things is Not Like the Others- pick three fruits that are alike and one that is different and ask the children to find the one that is different and explain why.
  • Count Your Colours- Say a number and a colour and ask the children to pick those fruits out of the pie and count them .

If you would like a great sorting game I would recommend this Super Sorting Pie. It is versatile and great value!

Any one for fruit pie?

Patterns with Links

As I have mentioned before early math is not my strong suit so I am learning too. I had seen variations of Link ‘N Learn Links being used. I didn’t ‘pin’ them so I am afraid I can’t show you examples but I have seen paper clips being used instead of links and homemade activity cards.

I took the easy option (I am scaffolding my learning) and used Link ‘N Learn Links and Link ‘N Learn Activity Cards. The wonderful resource guide took things step by step for me. If I was teaching fractions I would know exactly where to start; (no problem for a grade 6 teacher) but for early patterning, I am enjoying using resources.

The first time I got this resource out I remembered to let Daisy play. I have made the mistake of trying to do a structured activity without letting her play and explore the materials first. It never works. I firmly believe in learning through play and if an activity is no longer fun for my flowers, they will not be doing it. She had made bracelets and necklaces for herself and her stuffies before sitting down to do this activity.

The following day we started sorting the links by colour.

We looked at the activity cards and started at the beginning. They are all double sided and clearly labelled, starting with 1a then 1b and moving on to 2a etc. We discussed the pattern saying aloud the colours; “red, yellow, blue, green, red, yellow, blue, green,” and Daisy joined in.

She stated “I know what to do mummy” and off she went. She was happy to do this independently. I watched and if she struggled I asked

“Would you like help?”

“What do you think comes next?”

“What is the pattern?”

Daisy played, making patterns for 20 minutes. As you can see from the picture below she was just getting to the continuing the pattern point when interest was lost. Her colour matching and sequencing skills are strong and I think we are ready to move onto continuing patterns. What you can’t really see is that she insisted on matching the break in the links also. The activity cards show if the link break is at the top or bottom. Daisy simply HAD to match the break in her pattern, with the card (a perfectionist in the making – yikes!).

Learning Opportunities:

Math: sorting by colour, identifying and reproducing patterns, discussing patterns

How have you used links?