Jumbo Number Pebbles and Halloween Fun

We borrowed these Jumbo Number Pebbles to play with a few days ago.

Jumbo Number Pebbles

They are lovely to lift and play with, feeling like real pebbles. As with all our pebbles, they are made from a unique stone mix, engraved and painted. The numbers just have to be felt and traced with your finger as you hold them!


Daisy has a wonderful natural teaching ability and began matching the numbers with the Halloween rubbish (I mean… toys). She was counting in French as she was doing it and encouraging Rose to join in.

Jumbo number pebbles

She then organised the snakes and spiders around the number.

Jumbo number pebbles

Fred on the other hand took pleasure in banging them together with force so they made a satisfying clunk! Each to their own.

Jumbo Number pebbles

Ten scary Halloween things.

As you can see the Jumbo Number Pebbles are strong, like pebbles really. They are open ended, always a favourite in our house, and can be used in many ways. They would be perfect in the sand tray or water table and can be used indoors or outdoors. The sorting, transporting and game options are endless and with two of each number there are plenty to share.

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Halloween Party Madness!

I have always dreamed of a crazy Halloween party with activities and a scary walk and a scavenger hunt and scary treats and the list goes on in my head. My kids are still too young for really scary stuff and too be honest I am not into the really scary stuff anyway. But when a friend suggested we do a joint ‘make and take’ party; I quickly said yes.

Here is a low down on our three hour make and take party:

Craft Activities: 

Monster Ring

A variety of monster rings were made with poms poms, a chenille stem and googly eyes. This lovely monster has a lot of glue still drying but you get the idea.

Ghost Scene

This is from the TV show Mr Maker.

  1. draw a black line and smudge down
  2. draw a red line and smudge up
  3. add a tree
  4. draw and then rip a ghost from waxed paper
  5. add features to the ghost and stick him down


Spider webThis fun craft was inspired by Teach Preschool’s study of “The Very Busy Spider”.

Slime Lab

I loved the idea of playing with slime but know the mess usually entailed (see my goop and gak post) so I grabbed a Discovery Lab from work. I have been eyeing these for weeks and had not decided what to do with it. Perfect time to try it out and use goop.

I added some plastic toys and the kids had fun trying to figure out what was in there. The reaction were fabulous! Adults were disappointed they could not get their hand in too.

Ghost footprints were also done with white paint on black card. With googly eyes added, the upside down print becomes a lovely ghost keepsake for parents.

Food Activites

Bones Pretzils and mini marshmallows dipped in white chocolate make great bones.

This ghost is popcorn mixed with melted marshmallow and butter. We tried getting the kids to roll it into a ball with their hands but even after oiling thier hands it was still a sticky mess. After washing their hands we found that rolling it in the waxed paper made life much easier. A black marker added eyes and mouth.

Adult Made food

Vegetable Skeleton/Man

The vegetable platter was designed into a skeleton. Yes he is a fat skeleton- it looked better in my head!

These cute spiders were made by a guest’s mom. The filling was peanut butter and they were gorgeous. Not so great for a school party but perfect for a kids party with no allergies. This would make a great kids activity too.


Wrapped wieners were mummies. Ketchup eyes should have been added to complete the look but we were all too hungry by then.


Deviled eggs were eyeballs. We used a pickle instead of an olive for the kids.

Ghost Jell-O Treats

Can you find the ghost? These were a little harder to make than they looked but the kids had fun finding the ghosts in their fruit and jello cups. Check out Modern Parents Messy Kids for the low down on how to make them.

A great time was had by all. What are you planning or doing for Halloween?

Halloween Sensory Box

After checking out Pinterest for some great ideas, I had a lot of fun making this Halloween sensory box.

I think part of the joy of making these boxes is collecting and also we get to have first play!

Rose was the first to delve in.

As before, we try to keep the contents on the mat. Some of the split peas and lentils did roll off the mat but most were easy to clean up by carefully grabbing the ends and pouring back into the box.

Rose loves boxes…empty!

She particularly enjoys the beans and lentils; scooping, pouring, lifting. The little plastic spoons were a hit as she is enjoying using them at meal times.

Daisy went straight for the finger puppets. She pointed out that the mummy and rather scary looking skeleton were the same colour and then started role playing.

The rubber bands were fun and we enjoyed working out what they were. Boo!

I gave Daisy the option to use this math sorter. She bagan, but grew impatient as Rose scooped lentils into and messed up her sorting.

Yes…I did have fun organising it for a photo!

What Halloween sensory play have you been doing?


Witches and Trick or Treat – 5 a day books

We have read and discussed some of the scary creatures associated with Halloween so this week are a looking at the less intimidating aspects.

Winnie the Witch

I hid this book away in the Halloween box because Daisy was requesting it so often this time last year. It was a year round book. We see inside Winnie’s house in great detail and follow her struggling to come up with solutions for sitting on, standing on and tripping over her cat, Wilbur. I like to think Valerie Thomas is telling us to accept our friends (and cats) as they are without trying to change them but maybe she is simply warning us to be careful with the spells we use!

Winnie in Space

Daisy and I were excited to discover that there are lots of Winnie the Witch books out there so we borrowed this from the library. In this book Winnie and Wilbur take off in a magic rocket to have a picnic on another planet. As usual Korky Paul’s illustrations are beautifully detailed (I have to turn the page slowly or I get shouted at!). Thank goodness Winnie remembers to bring her wand otherwise space rabbits would have eaten Winnie’s whole space rocket.

Wee Witches’ Halloween

Wee Witches Halloween

Four witches head off to Scaring School to learn how to frighten trick-or-treaters. After school they go to the fair to try out their new scaring skills. They are disappointed to win 1st prize for best costume and the only response from the children they scare is “Boo!” shouted right back at them.

10 Trick-or-Treaters

This simple counting book follows the journey of 10 trick-or-treaters who get frightened by scary creatures. Toads, bats and skeletons slowly diminish the group “and then there were none.” A counting activity with Halloween candy is shown on the last page. I think a math activity with Halloween candy is in order!

The Berenstain Bears – Trick or Treat

Brother and sister go trick or treating by themselves for the first time. Too-Tall Grizzly and his gang try to play some tricks on old Miz McGrizz who they think is a witch. They learn that appearances can be deceiving as Miz McGrizz is really a sweet person who gives all the cubs a beautiful candy apple.

If you would like to participate in 5 a day Books, visit The Imagination Tree. What are you reading this week?

Introduction to Halloween – 5 a day books

Halloween and the accompanying scary things, are causing issues for Daisy so this week we will be exploring Halloween with our 5 a day choices.

Hopefully these will lead to some good scare eliminating discussions!

Spooky Riddles

Halloween jokes and riddles are presented with witches, skeletons, ghosts and mummies. Some of the riddles may need explaining. I am hoping to do this without killing the humor!

The Gruffalo

This a favourite in our home. The Gruffalo is described in the same manner as the wild things in “Where the Wild Things Are”. The big bad mouse is so clever he manages to scare the Gruffalo enough so he does not get eaten. It is just scary enough to excite but not frighten.

The Gruffalo’s Child

The Gruffalo’s daughter has been told the story of the big bad mouse and sets off to find it. A brilliant sequel to The Gruffalo and does not disappoint.

Big Pumpkin

This fun picture book introduces some of the traditional scary Halloween characters in a non-threatening way. Can the little bat succeed in getting the pumpkin off the vine when bigger and stronger spooky creatures have failed?

Daisy and the Beastie

Daisy and her little brother Pip search for the Beastie around the farm. The beautiful illustrations build excitement and explore viewpoints. The Beasties end up being lots of fun to play with.

If you would like to participate in 5 a day Books, visit The Imagination Tree. What are you reading this week?