Fall Tree Window Art

We have been suffering from withdrawal from messy art activities. Too much gardening and preserving happening in preparation for winter, so we decided on a perfect fall painting task. Fall colours were chosen; green, yellow, brown and red. Just enough paint was added to cover the dish and coat hands. Rose provided a stencil for the tree and... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Tree

We tend to get a little obsessed with food at our house during Thanksgiving, so a little focus on the 'Thanks' is necessary. You need: Construction paper Tree Leaves Glue Colouring materials/ pencils We talked about thanksgiving and what being thankful is. We began to list all the things Daisy is thankful for (all the... Continue Reading →

Fall Fairy

Carrying on with our fascination with fairies we decided to use all the lovely objects appearing at our feet at this time of year. A fall fairy could use the fairy furniture! A walk to the park, yielded a pale of goodies; acorns, leaves, pine cones, fluffy stuff and general garbage. All fun stuff to... Continue Reading →

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