Alternative Seating

Giving students choices on where they can sit is becoming more popular. Why? Allowing students to choose their best way to learn is believed to improve behaviour and academic success. Some students find sitting “criss-cross apple sauce” on the carpet very challenging while others detest sitting in a chair. This can result in standing, rocking unsafely and stooped posture while writing. The way students are learning has also evolved. Gone are the lessons when students would sit and listen to the teacher lecture for 20-30 minutes and then write what they have learned or complete written exercises for 60 minutes. Our teaching and learning involves more short bursts of learning and activity, catering more to the developing capabilities of our students. Teaching students to know their best way of learning in multiple skills situations is essential. This includes finding the best body position for the learning situation too.

I will be trying alternative seating in my classroom at NEEDS over the next few months and let you know how it is going. Some of the types of seating we will be trying include:

Scoop Rocker Case

Scoop Rocker, a very popular seating choice for under 50 lb.

Mini Throw Pillows


Jive Balance Stool 21"

A Balance Stool.

Spiky Tactile Cushion

Spiky Tactile Cushion.

Multi Fold Padded Seat

A Multi Fold Padded Seat.

The Scoop Rockers are a huge hit already:

What are your experiences of trying alternative seating?


Fox Themed Art Birthday Party

Daisy just turned 8 years old and asked for an art party. I love throwing parties and have managed to keep my children’s parties at home. This keeps the cost down, allowing me to treat the party kids to fun activities.

Instead of multiples of the the same gift we “echoage” our parties. This means we ask for a donation and echoage splits the money between a charity of our choice and Daisy so she can choose one big gift. Here is her certificate, highlighted by some cheeky foxes.


Daisy recently completed a project for the school fair on the red foxes so we thought foxes would make the perfect decorative theme at her party. The Playful Foxes Cut-outs were just the right size to use as decorations and …


….place cards on the table… and to add to party hats.


The Playful Foxes Two-sided Decoration hung over the table with Daisy’s name to personalize it.




As the party guests arrived they were invited to make a puzzle using “Make your own Puzzle” and markers.


When completed they were put in a labelled zip-lock to take home.


Activities in the basement included free painting.


Nature’s Attire Creative Paper was the basis of a beautiful oil pastel creation.


The paper has an animal on one side and a closeup of the animal on the other.


Fox cupcakes with fondant were of course necessary.


The gorgeous birthday girl, trying to demonstrate everyone’s hat!


The Playful Foxes range is available here should you wish to deck out your classroom.

Happy 8th Birthday Daisy!