Paper Circle Popz Christmas Activities

I like themes, I can’t help it. It is possibly either the teacher in me or the organized part of my brain but seeing a theme carried out through a project makes me happy!


Fred and his friend have been busy making Christmas crafts. A simple wreath with Paper Circle Popz  glued on looks great. Here we are discussing the need to NOT eat the glue stick.


Theo selects his circles and sticks. The selection was challenging and distracting. He preferred to play with and organise the circles! They are such beautiful colours.

Paper Circle Popz

We will continue the wreath tomorrow.


The finished product ready to hang on the wall.  (Fred had help!):


For cards, the boys had a limited colour palette.

Lines, circles and “Joy” stamps finished the cards.

Rose also completed cards for her classmates with this design. The lines and circles are perfect exercises to build fine motor skills to improve handwriting. She will finish by writing her name on the inside.


The boys will wrap their penguin footprint ornament and wreath up today, ready for Christmas.


I may add some Paper Circle Popz to the gift wrapping… yes I do like a theme!

Process Based Christmas Cards

Christmas card making can be hit or miss in our house. If we start it too late it is stressful and I understand why people buy cards. If we leave enough time and don’t have to work under pressure, it can be very enjoyable.

This year I decided to go with something both girls could do. The focus was on the initial step: making collage art. Supplies were limited to Christmas colours and included:

  • Scrap green paper (printed on one side)
  • watered down glue
  • glue brushes
  • tissue paper (red, green, gold, cream)
  • glitter glue (green and gold)

Instructions were minimal:

  1. use the brush to cover your sheet of paper in glue
  2. add tissue paper you like, varying colour
  3. add more glue to seal all your tissue paper
  4. add glitter glue

Sticking on tissue paper

Daisy began in a very organised manner, so we discussed how it would be great to see different colours on the trees. For this to happen she had to rip the tissue smaller and spread out her colours.

Crazy sticking

Rose seemed to love the randomness of the gluing where ever she wanted.

orgeous finished product

The finished works of art were beautiful and it felt almost a crime to cut them up!

Production line

The next evening we glued trees on cards. Rose had lots of help with this. She managed 3 or 4 herself.

Triangles on cards

With a star and truck added, our cards are almost complete.

A “be merry” stamp inside and a name will finish the task. Breaking this activity into smaller steps makes it fun and rewarding.

Be Merry!

Christmas Window Art

With these Window Markers we decorated our front window. I now love the idea of a window as a blank canvas. It also eases my green guilt when I see piles of paper with only a few scribbles on each page. Here is what we did:

We used old stencils. I remember my mum using these with spray snow when I was a kid.

Daisy used the window markers to trace around the stencils, choosing her colours.

She carefully removed the stencils and touched up where necessary. She had missed parts but added them with help.

The only colour that was a little pathetic was white.

I drew a few holly leaves and berries and Daisy used it as a guide. We had a discussion about what holly is. We don’t have much growing here in Manitoba apparently it is flown in from California!

Creative interpretive holly. Love it!

Our windows are looking festive and the best thing; a wipe of a cloth and they are clean (probably cleaner than before!)

Window markers are only $2.95 and will be pulled out in our house when the windows are looking a little grubby. I think they would be great as an art extension activity in the classroom too.

A frugal arty activity and a reminder to occasionally clean the windows!