Spring is finally here (albeit late) and it is the perfect time of the year to think about seasons. The days are getting longer and we are finally able to get outside everyday. Change is everywhere and helping children recognize these changes in their environment, encourages observational skills. Looking for buds on trees, spring lambs... Continue Reading →

Classrooms Management Strategies and Tools for Back to School Success

You have spent weeks planning and perfecting your classroom and now you are finally ready for your students. So much of how the next few weeks will play out depends on your classroom management... no pressure! Even the most experienced teacher gets nervous and struggles to sleep the night before the big day. Reminding ourselves... Continue Reading →

Using a Time Timer

Classroom management is a hot topic at this time of year. Teachers are planning for their new students, daycares are preparing for their school aged student programming and parents are preparing to manage the mayhem of back to school routines and activities. Anything that makes life easier is a plus. Using a timer is something... Continue Reading →

Laminating v Write and Wipe

I have been laminating signs and resources in work and it brought me back to teaching days. I love laminating resources. I detest tatty, falling apart resources. Anything I used year after year, was beautifully encased in plastic, heated, and formed into an everlasting shrine to teaching! Oh, respect to the laminator! I have been... Continue Reading →

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