Sunday Snoop

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“Keepers of the Flame”, make your own Olympic inspired print and torch to celebrate the opening of the 2012 games.

Teacher Voice: How Not to Be a Bobble-Head Doll. Hints on how to discover your teacher voice!

How to grow your own sunflower clubhouse.

Let’s make edible Olympic torches!

Red Ripe Strawberry Sandwiches with Whipped Cream Cheese

Don`t these look amazing? Strawberry sandwiches… yum.

Sunday Snoop

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Play dough pasta matching game

Raise your hand if you earned your summer break

Hot summer day fun – recycling those old crayons into new masterpieces using the power of the sun.

Make life sized body maps using mixed media. A great way to incorporate art into the science curriculum.

South Korea helps provide nearly 30,000 students in Gaza with computer training and online education by handing over computers through United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

“Students must be prepared not as rugged individualists who compete with others but rather as responsible global citizens who co-exist and collaborate with others.” – Yeah!

Sunday Snoop

Licking Beaters Cartoon- nuff said.

Racism or compassion? Study finds some teachers softer on minorities!

Homemade Father’s Day Gifts – Backrub T-shirt; great idea for the classroom or art club.

DIY fabric wipes toy; a great alternative to losing a whole box of Kleenex or wipes!

Foley Elementary School is the friendly face of education in Alabama State, serving immigrants for 15 years.

Window Frames, give a new perspective to an outdoor walk.

These are my favourite finds this week.

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Sunday Snoop

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Top 100 Children’s Books of All-Time – lots of my favourites are on here.

“Car”d Game – clever sorting and patterning

5 Easy Tips for Organic Gardening with Kids

The chances in preschool – a beautiful post on the joy of taking chances.

Games for Kids: Learning Action Words with Party Blowers

Train Tracks on the homemade Chalkboard Table

How to Set Up Natural Play Spaces in Your Own Back Yard

What is Surface Tension?

Sunday Snoop

Stop Letting Pinterest Make You Feel Like Poo. (Yes that is the title of the post!)

Introducing the Things-To-Do With Toddlers Series

Federal libraries, archives shutting down

Wow, when you see it visually it’s kinda scarey!

Motabular: challenge your physical abilites

Great (and do-able) ideas here for encouraging your preschooler to write

Childhood Pressure Cartoon

50 screen free activities – good resource as a parent or as a teacher to pass onto parents

Make a Mini Terrarium… for anyone!

Sunday Snoop

Here are my favs this week. Click on the pic for more info.

Make salt dough medals to celebrate the Olympics

The joys of Pinterest and the need to be ‘Super Mom”

Poetry ideas. Poetry month may be nearly over but that is no reason to stop loving poetry!

Will definitely be trying some of these.

Great unit on rocks and soil from Kindergarten… Kindergarten….

Writing “words on the wind”.