When visiting a friend yesterday her son requested a volcano. She pulled out a cookie sheet for each child, loaded them up with goodies and placed them in front of them. Rose was delighted. She was taught to 'suck up' the vinegar and 'push it' out of the dropper. The two wee cups contained vinegar... Continue Reading →

Bug Hunting

On a gorgeous summer's day, get equipped with a Two-way microscope and a net (we borrowed them from a favourite game) and entertainment you will have! Ready, set, go! Rose was happy to have her own net. Bug has been captured. Analysis and recording time. We talked about the bugs as Daisy captured them, discussing... Continue Reading →

Separating Mixtures

Test tubes full of mixtures sat on the counter for a couple of days until it was time to empty them. Rather than just dumping the contents we wanted to return each material back to its location, apart from the sugar and salt. We discussed how to do this and Daisy's suggestion was always a spoon. I provided a colander, a couple of... Continue Reading →

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