Sort and Play Cups #giveaway

We had the opportunity to play with these Sort and Count Cups from Quality Classrooms.

Fred enjoyed putting the colured discs into the bowls, sorting and matching by colour.

File 2016-06-30, 5 49 29 AM

Rose went a step furhter and discussed how she was mixing the primary colours to make new colours:

Sort & Count Cups

She made a turtle, dramatically making it lose its shell.

Sort & Count Cups- turtle

Sequencing by colour and number was next.

Sort & Count Cups- sequencing

Putting two cups together with discs inside made great sounds and an entertaining showers of discs!

Sort & Count Cups- shower

Dramatic cheeks!

Sort and Count Cups- Cheeks

And of course a cup of tea with your pinky finger sticking out is a necessity.

Sort and Count Cups- Tea

Here is the low down on the Sort and Count Cups:

Sort & Count Cups

Children can learn to sort and count with this simple design that can be played in a variety of ways. Play instruction and cotton bag included. Ages 18 months+.

Sort and Counts Cups is a Plan Toy and as such is made from a combination of natural rubber wood and PlanWood™. PlanToys® are made from natural rubber wood trees that no longer produce latex. To keep the wood pure, no fertilizer is added to the soil three years prior to cut the trees down.

To strengthen the wood, PlanToys® uses a chemical-free kiln-drying process. PlanWood™ is another high quality, safe and sustainable material in our toy-making process. This material will be used in harmony with our solid rubberwood.

PlanToys® is assembled using a certified E-Zero formaldehyde free glue in place of traditional toxic wood glue. PlanToys® commits itself to find the best eco-friendly material. The organic color is not only good for children but also for our environment. PlanToys® does not use chemical dyes containing lead or any other heavy metals.

Recycled paper and Soy ink are used for our printed materials. Soy ink is more readily biodegradable and can be recycled more efficiently than standard chemical ink.

Feeling great about the sustainability of our children’s toys makes parents happy too!

Win a Sort and Count Cups!

Comment below sharing your favourite game or activity to promote sorting, matching or counting, then you will be entered to win. Winner will be randomly selected after 5:30 pm CST on Thursday July 7th, 2016. Must be a Canadian resident to win.

What is your favourite game or activity to promote sorting, matching or counting?




An Avalanche of Fruit #Giveaway

Daisy has been commenting that she misses the Super Sorting Pie that she got to play with a year ago.

So I figured it was time to let them have a play with another fruit game, Avalanche Fruit Stand this time.

Avalanche Fruit Stand

The object of the game is to be the first player to collect one of each type of fruit. As is typical for us, we just started playing and made up the rules as we played.

An Avalanche of Fruit

The games comes with:

  • 2 Easy Grip Tweezers
  • 40 Pieces of Fruit
  • Fruit Stand Game Board
  • Spinner

An Avalanche of Fruit

If you are a stickler for the rules, they are printed on the back of the fruit stand and so, easy to read at any time. They are also difficult to lose, game parts vanishing is a frequent occurrence in our house.

An Avalanche of Fruit

We set up the fruit on the stand and began to play. The spinner tells you what to fruit to pick; colour, number or the star, which means you can steal from another player (that part we did read). The game is fast paced and short, perfect for younger players.

Our cat got in on the action too but his aim was to knock the stand over!

An Avalanche of Fruit

Although this game is recommended for children over the age of three, Rose enjoyed playing too. Her wee hands only coped with the tweezers for a few minutes but what a great way to build up muscle power in the hands. We have a couple of these tweezers at home and play with them often.

We will be back next week to tell you about how we played with the fruit pieces.

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Before Friday 19th April 2013, 4pm Central Time.

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Smart Snack Alpha Pops Fun #Giveaway

These Smart Snack Alpha Pops look good enough to eat!

Daisy got to play with them first and immediately began matching and sorting. She used a large salad bowl to keep them organized.

“Look I can make a word.”

“Look a big letter and a small letter”. My response, “yes a lower case u and a capital U.”

“I made another word, lica”

“What does this word say?”

“Clif” I responded “Yes, that does say cliff. Cliff the name and a cliff you might fall off has two f’s. Can you find another?”

We talked about the need for using a mixture of upper and lower case letters.

Cat (back to front).

Both girls busy playing and matching lower and upper case letters.

This product allowed both girls to play simultaneously but in different ways.

Rose was matching colour and I was able to chat about the colours she was joining up. She did point to the letters occasionally, so I shared the letter ” yes that is an ‘a’ on the popsicle.”

Daisy tended to move onto c.v.c. world building and exploring word families.

Anything you can do I can do too!

This was the start of Daisy’s ABC project. She lined them all up and sang the ABC song while pointing to the letters. It was easy until it came time to flip the posicles to the other side. It forced her to slow down and think about each letter. A great learning experience.

And of course the pretend popsicle licking!

This learning toy is versatile and was appropriate for both children. The printed letters on both sides meant less toys (a bonus for most classrooms and families).

A friend was over playing with the girls at the weekend and he did not like the restrictions of letters on both sides. He also wanted to click whole words together. While I sympathized, I understand the aim of the Alpha Pops is to match upper and lower case letters.

Here is the low down on Smart Snack Alpha Pops

“Pop together these frozen treats to match uppercase and lowercase letters. Double sided to include all 26 letters. Self checking by colour. Single alpha pop measures 4″L x 1-1/4″W. Ages 2+.”

If you would like to play with this lovely set of Smart Snack Alpha Pops tell us how you teach upper and lower case letter matching.

All you need to do is one of the following:

Before Friday July 27th, 2012, 4pm Central Time.

This contest is open to Canadian residents only.

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Science Mixture Fun with Test Tubes #giveaway

These Jumbo Test Tubes were left out for Daisy and Rose to explore before we did an experiment. The initial reaction was surprising. Daisy asked if she could use them and took off outside to find things to collect. She came back with gravel, dirt and a feather and explained she wanted to make mixtures.

“Yeah!” I responded. That was exactly what I wanted to do but having it pre-empted by Daisy gave her ownership of the activity, rather than me dictating the experiment.

We transferred the collections into bowls and added equal amounts 75ml of water to each test tube. The test tubes have markings to indicate 25, 50, 75, 100ml.

We added to the collections by including sand, salt and sugar.

I drew the test tubes and added ingredient words. Daisy predicted what the mixtures would look like.

She talked about each ingredient and predicted what would happen when it was added to water.

Sand, “I think it is going to float up”.

Soil’ “I think it will stay at the bottom”.

Gravel, “It’s going to be at the very bottom”.

Feathers, “I think they are going to float”.

Salt, “It will go down and then plop up again”

Sugar, “It will go up and float”.

These predictions were discussed as Daisy sketched what the mixture would look like.

Technically we should have added enough mixture to bring the water level up to 100ml.

That would have been a great deal of feathers so I decided to ignore the fairness rule. We did discuss it and realistically we could have found lots of feathers in the back yard. Between the ducks and the chucks we could probably make a quilt!

We used a spoon to make it fair.

A spoon full of each ingredient was added and then we looked at what happened.

Next it was mixing time. Daisy shook each test tube for 60 seconds. Great counting practice and exercise.

The dirt mixed up beautifully.

Isn’t the test tube rack cute?

I drew another six test tubes on our board and Daisy took each test tube in turn and sketched the results.

As before we discussed the results. Here are some of the findings in Daisy’s words:

Soil, “The water turned black then the soil came to the top”. (we use the terms dirt and soil interchangeably).

Gravel, “The water turned whiter and some bubbles came up”.

Feathers, “Some dirt from the feather is starting to go around and around”.

Salt, ” Salt made the water more bubbly. The salt turned watery”.

The bubbles created by shaking caused some misconceptions. Daisy was convinced the bubbles were little particles of salt and sugar. Questions such as “Could they be air?” or suggestions like “Maybe the shaking made the bubbles” did nothing to sway her from her theory.

Daisy is convinced the salt and sugar are in the tiny bubbles. She even explained to me that they were so tiny it was hard to see them!

The next morning Daisy ate her breakfast while talking about the mixtures. The soil was particularly interesting because it had changed. “The soil has come back to the bottom”.

We did mess up a little by not marking salt and sugar. The coloured lids are write-on/wipe-off for labeling. However I forgot to use that handy option! Luckily my husband remembered seeing which test tube we had not added salt to.

We will be exploring separating the materials soon.

Would you like to play with some Jumbo Test TubesThese Chunky Test Tubes are made just the right size for little scientists! Set of 6 jumbo test tubes with rack and multiple coloured lids. Ages 4+

Tell me what activity you would do with them?

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Before Wednesday 2nd May 2012, 8am Central Time.

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Giant Stampers Exploration and #Giveaway

These giant stampers are lovely and so easy for little ones to hold. Rose was napping and Daisy requested an art activity so I thought we would have a first exploration with Farm Adventure Giant Stampers. I have learned to let children explore materials before guiding an activity. This was unstructured play.

Daisy immediately began to make patterns. She said “Look mama, Herc, bunny, Herc, it is a pattern!”

Hercules, often known as Herc, is our rooster. She continued stamping and chatting about the animals, giving their names and explaining what they were doing.

She chose to use eight of the 10 stamps and we decided on a colour for each to avoid colour mixing. As you can see the colour of the stamp may have influenced her colour stamp choice.

Each stamp has a sticker of what will be printed, making it clear to see what you are printing. The handles are chunky and easy to grip. I will let Rose have a try next time we get the stamps out.

Daisy used a pen to add details and names. She likes to get me to write it first on a separate piece of paper. The trees were named ‘Nick and Nack’. However on a closer look the ‘trees’ may be corn!

Playing with patterns again.

We left the exploration at that, rolled it up and stored it, to be played with another day. I have ideas…

Would you like to play with Giant Stampers?

Tell me what activity you would do with them?

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Wax Work Sticks #Giveaway

No Mess! No Fuss! Bendable, moldable sticks are ready to use and reuse! Thin strips of wax are 8″ long and have a fiber strand through the middle.

So, I have not tried these yet… I mean the kids have not tried them yet!

They are sitting in front of me and we would love to know what you or your kids would make from them.

Let us know and you could win 48 pieces of Wax Works Sticks to play with.

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Colouring Goodies #Giveaway

You may remember me ranting about horrible crayons that don’t work (if not check it out here) so I thought I would share some good quality colouring products from Prang.

All you need to do is one of the following:

Before Monday 12th December 5pm Central Time.

This contest is open to Canadian residents only.

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