Garden Love!

It is that time of year. The garden is screaming for attention and love and the children are... no only kidding! But finding the balance between doing garden chores and ensuring the children are safe and entertained can be a challenge. I like the balance of playing and doing activities with my children and having... Continue Reading →

Growing seedlings

Growing a garden is a norm for my children but not all children have access to a planter let alone a garden. Including gardening options in our daycare and school curriculums gives all children the opportunity to experience the joy of growing a plant from a seed. Here is a list of easy to grow plants. Success... Continue Reading →

Fairy Garden

We made gorgeous fairy gardens a couple of weekends ago. They were party take home gifts but we also made one for Granny for Easter. These would make great Mother's Day gifts too. I had spent the previous few weeks collecting wee milk cartons. I figured they could cope with the moisture from watering better... Continue Reading →

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