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I am a mom of three; Daisy, Rose and Fred and an elementary teacher. I am sharing our experiences of learning through play; trying out products for our family business, Quality Classrooms and just having fun on our days at home. "If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas." George Bernard Shaw, 1856 - 1950 Thank you so much for visiting. I would love to hear from you. ; )

Playmais Creations

Playmais is a modeling material which we have used on many occasions. It is easy to pull out and requires little set up or clean up. All we use is a little bowl of water, and either a knife or scissors. Messy trays are great as they keep the bricks contained and can be run under the tap after.

Set Of 6 Messy Paint Trays

Playmais is made from corn and 100% biodegradable. To stick the bricks together it only takes a little water, too much water and the brick melts.

Here Rose is creating and learning how much water to use. If water is too much a cloth that comes with the bricks is perfect to apply a small amount of water. She enjoyed making flowers.

Playmais Creations Rose

The instruction booklet comes with great ideas on what and how to build but for an initial play the flowers used their imagination.

A puppy was created:

Playmais Creations Puppy

As was a horse and rider:

Playmais Creations Horse and Rider

Next time we will try the instructions and see what creations we can come up with.

Here is the lowdown on Playmais:


Playmais is a natural children’s modeling material which sticks with just water. Made from corn. 100% biodegradable. It is available in three sizes: 

  • 1350 piece set includes 4 sponges, 4 knives and a teacher instruction book
  • 3150 piece set includes 5 sponges, 5 knives and teacher instruction book
  • 6300 piece bulk set(no tools)

And also in the Playmais Edu Mosaic Set:

Playmais Edu Mosaic

Experience PlayMais in a new size and a new shape! Create and design a mosaic with the new PlayMais Eduline Mosaic. The new small PlayMais Mosaics open up a new activity. This will expand the potential of PlayMais enormously. Children are introduced to a variety of designs and colours with the help of 48 educational craft cards to stick PlayMais on. Therefore, kids develop creativity, and motivation is boosted by quick success! Includes 12,000 mosaics, 48 craft cards and 6 sponges.

We promise to come back and share our other creations!

Mini Bilibo Play

As with the larger version the many uses of these mini Bilibo are only limited by your imagination. Here you can see the full size Bilibo in action and the mini version here! They are pretty cool videos.

Mini Bilibo Set

I was very excited to try them out and gave them to my children with a mission: find different ways to play with these! They happily accepted.

Mini Bilibo Set

Rose began organizing them.

Mini Bilibo

Then had them leap frog jumping over each other.


In the garden the flowers made potions with liquid water colour paints and…

Mini Bilibo

…grass and mud!

Mini Bilibo

Next the Mini Bilibo made their way to the sand box.


These versatile and colourful mini versions of the Bilibo are a great addition to any play space! Check them out here.

Geoboard Light Table Play

So you may expect the following information to show a geoboard being used in the traditional way with elastic bands. Apparently that was not as appealing to my grade 2 daughter as these beautiful counters and beads:

Counters and beads on a geoboard I did leave out rubber bands but they were ignored.

Instead the counters and beads seemed to be more attractive.

The counters are part of this Manipulative Kit for Light Table:

Manipulative Kit For Light Table

and the beads are from this Giant Transparent Beads kit.

Giant Transparent Beads

The counters look amazing:


These geoboards are transparent and can be purchased at Quality Classrooms here and  are perfect for the light table. They also come in 5 x 5 and 11 x 11 and a variety of colours.

11X11 Pin Rainbow Geoboards

Maybe next time we will use them for what they have been designed for!

Or maybe we will just find another awesome use.


Who knew geoboards could look so great!


Garden Love!

It is that time of year. The garden is screaming for attention and love and the children are… no only kidding! But finding the balance between doing garden chores and ensuring the children are safe and entertained can be a challenge. I like the balance of playing and doing activities with my children and having them entertain themselves, leaving time for me to enjoy my time. Independence is key as well as them understanding why gardening is so much fun!

The flowers have their own fairy garden in the yard. This is what it looked like last year:


and have made portable fairy gardens in the past. fairy garden

They help choose and plant flowers and herbs every year.

We also take time every few days at this time of year to see what is popping up in the perennial bed. Tulips are about to bloom and hostas and lilies are shooting up all over the place! In a month’s time it will look something like this pic from last year.


Raised beds are a wonderful way to grow vegetables in a more manageable way. I had lots of gardens when we first moved out of the city but could not keep up with the weeds. This is much more manageable and therefore fun, rather than a chore.


In the background you can see a sand box,which is a great distraction for kids and adults alike and the pallets are the beginnings of a clubhouse. More info on that will follow.

Toys are cleaned as they are pulled out of winter storage under the deck. Yes they have a lot of toys but many were picked up at garage sales. The Cozy Coup we got Rose for her first birthday (from Quality Classrooms) and Freddy is now loving it. The little patio is the only alternative to grass and gravel for miles. We installed it a few years ago and it is well used as a road for ride-ons, bikes and scooters and as a canvas for chalk creations!


Here are some great plant and garden ideas you can find over Quality Classrooms and inspiration from Pinterest.

How do you keep your children interested in the garden?

Printing with Scratchfoam Board

I love printing. There is something very satisfying about being able to recreate your masterpiece again and again. Recently while teaching a mixed media art class we printed using Scratchfoam Board and printing inks.

Artprint Block Printing Watercolour Scratchfoam Board

Rubbings using crayons and newsprint paper were stimulation for design ideas. Feathers, buttons, shapes, ribbons and fabrics were among the many objects students captured for inspiration.

Students were asked to make a design on paper. The paper design was transferred onto their Scratchfoam Board using a pencil and pressing lightly. When happy with their design, the students pressed harder with their pencils to push the design deeper into the Scratchfoam Board without punching right through (a challenge).

Applying printing ink was the next step. A Messy Paint Tray keeps the paint contained while still enabling the students to use a Lino Roller to spread and apply the ink.


Placing and smoothing the foam evenly was next. Then the foam was carefully removed.

Smoothing the print

The students were advised not to use letters and words due to the planning needed to reverse the lettering. One student was determined (even used the window to trace) and succeeded!

Using letters

Ink colours were chosen and some blended colours.

Printing examples

The Scratchfoam Board was washed and reused by some students so different colours could be applied.

Printing examples

Happy and proud artists!

To start printing you will need:

Fox Themed Art Birthday Party

Daisy just turned 8 years old and asked for an art party. I love throwing parties and have managed to keep my children’s parties at home. This keeps the cost down, allowing me to treat the party kids to fun activities.

Instead of multiples of the the same gift we “echoage” our parties. This means we ask for a donation and echoage splits the money between a charity of our choice and Daisy so she can choose one big gift. Here is her certificate, highlighted by some cheeky foxes.


Daisy recently completed a project for the school fair on the red foxes so we thought foxes would make the perfect decorative theme at her party. The Playful Foxes Cut-outs were just the right size to use as decorations and …


….place cards on the table… and to add to party hats.


The Playful Foxes Two-sided Decoration hung over the table with Daisy’s name to personalize it.




As the party guests arrived they were invited to make a puzzle using “Make your own Puzzle” and markers.


When completed they were put in a labelled zip-lock to take home.


Activities in the basement included free painting.


Nature’s Attire Creative Paper was the basis of a beautiful oil pastel creation.


The paper has an animal on one side and a closeup of the animal on the other.


Fox cupcakes with fondant were of course necessary.


The gorgeous birthday girl, trying to demonstrate everyone’s hat!


The Playful Foxes range is available here should you wish to deck out your classroom.

Happy 8th Birthday Daisy!