Art Inspiration from Folk Fest

There is nothing like a visit to a gallery to inspire your own art. At our local folk fest we stumbled upon a beautiful emhibition by the Young Artists Program. The Flora, Fauna, Folk inspired gallery made my mouth hang open as I explored.

Coffee filter flowers catch your attention and lead you into the young artist gallery.

This beautiful tent is decorated with local plants and herbs.

Rose explores the magical tent.

The view from inside. It feels like you are in a magical space, separated from reality, a bit like the festival itself.

The ceiling of the tent.

Daisy explores.

The roof of the structure has been converted into a pond.

A colourful tree and reeds and lily pads are inverted.

A pergola provides the base for a suspended nest.

A close up pf the eggs. Recycled materials were used where possible.

The sign which accompanies the nest:

“Some eggs are still hatching. Please do not touch.”

Various pieces of art where scattered around the structure, including these balls made from string and balloons ( a must try).

The whole exhibition was a feast for the eyes and the reaction form children and adults was fascinating to watch.

It reminded me to go to an exhibition to stimulate my creative side. We all need a little help now and again to get our creative juices going. A visit to a gallery or museum is a great way to inspire our curriculum planning.

What do you think?

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