Wrist and Ankle Jingle Bells

I love these Jingle Bells available from Quality Classrooms:

But I only have two children to equip with sound making equipment so I decided we could make our own.

We started with:




I decided stems would probably be easier to thread the bells onto.

We were at our local folk festival and sat on our blanket making these bracelets. Daisy threaded her bells on and I helped her to twist the stems together and tuck a bells over the ends.

The stems do have a wire center and so have sharp ends. Adult supervision is required for making and wearing. The bracelets should be lose enough to get a finger comfortable between the stem and skin.

She was very happy with her bling.

Rose preferred to play with the stems.

Little friends from neighbouring blankets joined in the fun and made bell shakers as well as their own bracelets.

Even the adults had a go.

I have to say walking, running and dancing with a jingle is fun!

What do you think?

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