Crayon Craft

This craft has been bobbing around the web for the last few months but I thought now was a good time to do it, as we think about Christmas presents. We love to give homemade presents if possible and this one we did for my brother. The options are endless. We choose a straight line but you could make any design or pattern and have fun melting them onto a canvas.

I started off by sorting the crayons into two piles; the ones we like, (Crayola, Prang, Chubbi Stumps – decent makes) and the ones I hate (the free ones from restaurants). Grabbing a crayon to colour in and finding it barely coloured had been driving me crazy! The free ones are often very waxy and look bright but only seem to leave an insipid, waxy, pale line on paper. Time to melt them and recycle!

The next step for us was to sort the crayons into into colours and decide what order they should be in. Daisy was in charge of this. As you can see we lined the crayon design out, and stuck the crayons on one end of the canvas with a glue gun. 

Don’t they look pretty?

Next we turned the hairdryer on. Here Boma is busy melting.

It took a little time to start melting. We found that holding the canvas vertical helped the wax run and make fun patterns.

Gorgeous up-cycled art!

Uncle Andy seemed happy with his birthday present from the girls.

Learning Opportunities:

  • Science: Discuss solid and liquid, melting and solidifying.

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