Space fun – Chalk art

We loved Winnie the Witch as one of our 5 a day books and used the inside of the cover as inspiration for lovely chalk art. Here is what the inside front cover looks like:

Inside the back cover:

And of course Korky Paul’s gorgeous illustrations:

We discussed what Daisy liked about both the kid drawn illustrations and Paul’s. Although she loves Paul’s illustration she preferred using the kid drawn images as inspiration. We talked about how the illustrator may have made holes in the moon. We decided to smudge holes.

We talked about where the view is taken (standing on the moon we thought) and what Daisy would like to include in her illustration. She was able to identify Saturn and added the rings.

She worked on this for 10 minutes.

The masking tape held the paper in place and helped with less smudging.

Winnie is standing on the moon with Wilbur. The rocket has not yet been eaten by space bunnies. The night sky is full of twinkling stars, a large white moon and one big close up star.

4 thoughts on “Space fun – Chalk art

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  1. This is a great example of children’s representation of ideas based on the book they read. Thank you for your documentation. I would share this to my ECE class.

  2. I love this! We’ve done chalk art before, but not inspired by literature. I’ll look for Winnie the Witch on our next trip to the library! Thanks for the idea.

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