Thanksgiving Tree

We tend to get a little obsessed with food at our house during Thanksgiving, so a little focus on the ‘Thanks’ is necessary.

You need:

We talked about thanksgiving and what being thankful is. We began to list all the things Daisy is thankful for (all the people or things) she is happy to have in her life.

As I am writing this I am thinking about how we will discuss this further, talking about the opportunities she has; being able to play soccer, play with her sister, dance, learn. The list could go on and on, as could the discussion. Teaching children to have a ‘cup half full” attitude is wonderful skill to carry though life. Being able to find the positive in most situations makes life easier and often more fulfilling.

When we had a list Daisy was happy with, we started work on our tree.

We glued the tree onto construction paper.

What time of day we start a craft, often influences the amount of energy Daisy can give to a project. This activity was started after 2pm and she was lacking enthusiasm so I wrote the ‘Thanks’ on the leaves. If we had done this in the morning Daisy would have been able to write some of the leaves herself. With younger children the leaves would need to be bigger and photos and magazines could be used for collage. I wrote on the leaves for her.

We used leaves from the Family Tree Kit and Autumn Leaves Paper Bits. The leaves from the family tree kit were a bit difficult to remove for kids so I did this. I would recommended having some ready before the activity starts. Autumn Leaves Paper Bits were easier to use as they were all loose. The texture was lovely to write on.

Daisy wrote her name on the little sign provioded in the Family Tree Kit and her Thanksgiving Tree was finished. It is proudly displayed near our dinner table.

(This craft idea was taken from The Preschooler’s Busy Book).

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